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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The World's End: Anatomy of the Golden Mile


Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost create an other-worldly action/adventure masquarading as a simple pub crawl comedy. With this trio, nothing is as it seems at first blush.

The Characters

Gary King (King: the male ruler of an independent state, esp. one who inherits the position by right of birth) - The boy-turned-man King who rules with charisma, charm, and reckless abandon. Gary yearns for a quest befitting a nobleman of his statue, ready to ride with his men at his trusty men at his side.

Andy Knightley (Knight: a man who served his sovereign or lord as a mounted soldier in armor) - Gary's former best friend who would follow his King into battle at the slightest word. Andy is the King's most trusted ally, and the most loyal to the King.

Steve Prince (Prince: the son of a monarch) - Steve is the most like his king, most like brothers-in-arms. Whatever the King wants, the Prince yearns for the same. He is ready to ascend to the crown, but must wait for the King to abdicate the throne.

Oliver Chamberlain (Chamberlain: an officer who manages the household of a monarch or noble) - The most organized of the lot, Oliver is successful and thriving in spite of his associations with the other nobility. He is always on the move, making things happen, and keeping order.

Peter Page (Page: a boy in training for knighthood, ranking next below a squire in the personal service of a knight) - Peter is the most sedate of the bunch, wishing to be more than the whipping boy that he has grown up from. He yearns to be a hero in battle, waiting for the opportunity to prove himself worthy.

The Golden Mile

Gary King's Newton Haven Golden Mile Pub Crawl List

  • The First Post (The Peartree)
  • The Old Familiar (The Doctor's Tonic)
  • The Famous Cock (The Cork)
  • The Crossed Hands (The Parkway Tavern)
  • The Good Companions (Wendy's Shop)
  • The Trusty Servant (Three Magnets)
  • The Two-Headed Dog (The Colonnade)
  • The Mermaid (Broadway Cinema)
  • The Beehive (Thai Garden Restaurant)
  • The King's Head (The Arena Tavern)
  • The Hole in the Wall (Railway Station)
  • The World's End (The Gardener's Arms)
The Pubs

The First Post - The start of the glorious quest, seemingly tame for the adventure that the King is looking for. Old faces and old acquintences barely recognize that their King has returned.

The Old Familiar - Like in their previous adventure, the King is reunited with a conquest he conquered those many years ago.

The Famous Cock - The King is remembered at this old haunt, banned from entry for the misdeeds of his past.

The Crossed Hand - In this pub, the King and his men are forced to come together to defend themselves against young men who represent who they used to be. At this point, they are all for one, and one for all.

The Good Companions -

The Trusty Servant -

The Two-Headed Dog - While reuniting with an old flame, the King and his men encounter twins who transfrom into a more mythical creature that they have to defend the damsel from.

The Mermaid - The King and his men are seduced by beautiful sirens' songs. The King and his men must resist their charms in order to escape.

The Beehive - The King and his men must fend off an army of enemies, led by a "Queen Bee" who the army listens.

The King's Head - In order to prove himself true to his men, the King smashes his head into a column.

The Hole in the Wall - The King and his Men get to the eleventh destination on their journey. This place surely lives up to its name, because it truly is a hole in the wall. The fact that an object physically crashes through the wall helps to reinforce its namesake.

The World's End - This is truly the end of the King's quest, representing the last step of success or failure. Can the King and his men prevail against overwhelming odds?

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