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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Fourth Kind

This Encounter May Be Too Close!
[Milla Jovovich, Will Patton, Elias Koteas]

There are so many movies and so little time. This week spawned a few movies that I had on my list to see, but time has a way of speeding up when you would rather it slow down. I still managed two movies this weekend and still have two to go if I get a chance.

Dr. Abigail Tyler carries on her murdered husband's sleep study work in Nome, Alaska, and discovers too many similarities in her patients' stories to stop looking for the answers. Her continued investigation, plus video and audio journals lead to proof of non-human intelligence and alien abduction.

Filmed as part documentary and part dramatic reenactment, "The Fourth Kind" utilizes actual video footage and audio recordings from Dr Abbey Tyler's sleep study research in Nome, Alaska and stars Milla Jovovich in the Dr Tyler role. Reminiscent of the quartering technique used in television's "24", at times this film combines side-by-side footage of the patient sessions with the movie script and actors footage. Also included are interviews between the director and Dr Tyler shot in 2002 used as a narrative to drive forward the story. Some of the footage is unnerving and creepy and lends to the credibility of the reality of aliens and abduction.

On the other hand, because of movie marketing like "Paranormal Activity", I have started to really doubt the authenticity of "real footage" films. Of course, I was not fooled by Micah and Katie at all, but I watched the patient hypnosis sessions in "The Fourth Kind" with goosebumps, then skepticism. I wanted the footage to be real, but I couldn't shake the feeling that the entire film was a set-up. For alien believers everywhere, I hope this was not the case. 

Worth: Matinee and a Netflix

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