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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Twilight: New Moon

Love Bites!
[ Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson]

I gave in! I was desperate to not see this movie. But hundreds of millions in box office revenue couldn’t be wrong, could they? I was not a fan of the original movie, but thought I better give the franchise another try. Of course, I also wanted to make sure that I could engage in any water cooler chatter if need be.

SYNOPSIS:  This film sees Bella and Edward in a strained relationship, as Edward wants to protect her and she wants him to turn her into a vampire. Edward and his family leave, and leave Bella in a depression that only her friend Jacob seems to be able to alleviate.

I tried the sophomore outing of the franchise on for size, hoping for a better result than the first “Twilight” movie.  New Moon picks up soon after the original leaves off. Bella joneses after vampiric Edward and begs to be turned so they can remain together forever. The two are so angst-ridden with layers of emotions, they really should move to a warmer, sunnier climate.  I guess I am too old for these movies, try as I might to enjoy them.

The film is well-crafted, though. The actors all put their best foot forward. The effects are well-done and the fight scenes throughout and toward the end of the movie are appealing. I enjoyed some moments between Bella and Jacob, or scenes with more characters involved. But when it comes to Bella and Edward, I am strangely not affected as I should be.  Even when they are together and happy, the strain of their relationship is annoying at best.

I know that most tween girls and their mothers would be in an uproar about my review, but a sappy romantic love triangle fraught with martyrdom, plus rocking abs, I guess are better left to them.

Worth: Netflix

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