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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Blind Side

Love & Tackles
[Sandra Bullock,Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron]

I wavered between going to see "New Moon" or "The Blind Side". Since I saw gaggles of people and kids running to the box office to see the former, I decided to go against the grain. Since "New Moon" shattered all sorts of one-day records, its safe to assume that my review of it will not help or hamper it one way or another.

Synopsis: A well-off Memphis family take in a troubled ward of the state from the other side of town in the pursuit of his education, a place on the football team and a place in their hearts.

The hard-working Sandra Bullock takes a break from her other 2009 roles to take on the southern charm and toughness of Leigh Anne Touhy. Bullock succeeds in shedding her romantic comedy shackles. Almost unrecognizable (emphasize "almost"), Bullock's Leigh Anne manicured nails and manners only magnifies her tough through-and-through interior. This is a trait not really shown in her other films, which typically range from weak heroine required to be tough to tough girl masking vast insecurities. As a Sandra-ite, I do enjoy all of her films and appreciate her quest to extend her acting chops.

Quinton Aaron plays "Big Mike" Oher, an under-educated and oversized teenager from the projects who strives for his potential with help from the charity and support of others. A relative newcomer to film, Aaron plays the role as a quiet giant, which is exactly the tone that director John Lee Hancock needs to sell the film. Part after school special, part underdog sports story, "The Blind Side" is a good couples movie, providing enough gush for the emotional and enough "Rudy"-ness for those guys with emotion only when it comes to comes to football.
This week was filled with news talk of how terrible movie theatre popcorn is for us, equating a large bucket and soda to 36 slices of bacon. For me, I always knew movie popcorn was not "air-popped" and good for me. Even if it were, I usually drown it in enough "butter topping" to make it bad for me. For moviegoers who enjoy a bucket of popcorn, I do not think that equating it to bacon is the answer -- because I like bacon just as much as buttered popcorn!

Worth: Matinee or a DVD

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