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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ninja Assassin

The Best Ninja Movie Since... American Ninja 3!
[Rain, Naomie Harris, Ben Miles]

I was away for the Thanksgiving holiday so I was unable to get to the theatre until the following weekend. A close friend did advise me that while I was gobbling down turkey and mashed potatoes, she and her daughter went to see "Pirate Radio" and enjoyed it very much. With the star power of the cast, I would agree with her assessment without seeing the film yet.

SYNOPSIS A young orphan is schooled in the ways of the ninja until he turns on his masters. On the run and fighting against a host of assassins, can he possibly survive? 

Feeling bloated with excess pumpkin pie, the last thing I needed was to see Rain's perfect physique and martial art skills. But I wanted to see a kicking ass movie which are more seldom in the Winter months. Its the same old story... orphan trained from childhood as a ninja assassin killing machine... orphan grows up and finds love with the master's daughter... girl leaves... boy realizes being a killing machine isn't what it is cracked up to be...etc. We've seen it a thousand times! 

The acting is so-so, but that is not really why we go to to ninja and kung-fu movies.  Some of the fighting scene are well-choreographed and enhanced with some special effects and a lot of stylized blood and dismemberment. 

If I want emotion I will watch "The Karate Kid. If I want cinematic excellence I will watch "The House of Flying Daggers".  If I want to spend my movie money needlessly I will watch "Ninja Assassin".

Worth: Netflix

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