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Sunday, March 14, 2010

She's Out Of My League

This film's a Hard 8
[Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, T.J Miller]

"When is the movie going to start, already?". That was I heard when I was at the movies today. I will never understand why people in a movie theater are so opposed to a couple of reviews to help you get excited about the next movie you may want to see. I understand that people have huge televisions where they can see these reviews at home, but the silver screen gives it a weight that no plasma, LCD or LED will compete with.

SYNOPSIS:  Average Joe airport security worker Kirk meets gorgeous 10 Molly and helps her get through security to catch her flight. Finding her phone and returning it upon her return, the two start a courtship. That is, until his family and friends start to pick apart their relationship and his self-esteem.

This may seem like your run-of-the-mill low-end formulaic romantic comedy. And if you agree with that statement, you would be right. But that been said, this films offers quite a bit of laughs and a few tender moments as well. Running more along the lines of "Knocked Up" than "The Proposal", "She's Out Of My League" is vulgar and juvenile, but that doesn't mean that the humor is not there. If "The Hangover", "Step Brothers"  and "I Love You, Man" have taught us anything, it's that every genre can have a successful sub genre. 

In this film, the romantic takes a back seat to the comedy. Kirk's (Jay Baruchel) cadre of friends and family bring the pain. His close circle of airport security and ground crew pals, "Stainer" (T.J. Miller), Jack (Mike Vogel) and Devon (Nate Torrence) give as good as they get. Kirk's family, brother Dylan (Kyle Bornheimer), his pregnant fiancee Debbie (Jessica St.C Clair), mom Kettner (Debra Jo Rupp), father Kettner (Adam LeFevre), ex-girlfriend Marnie (Lindsay Sloane) and her new boyfriend Ron (Hayes MacArthur) provide dramatic dysfunction. Rupp brings her "That's 70's Show" frenzy to the mom role. T.J. Miller from "Car Pool" and "Cloverfield" adds his hazy but tao musings to the mix. And if an ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend who hang out with your family as if she was adopted by your mom and dad can't offer some tense moments, what will? And the best part of the movie is summed up with two words... Slapshot Regata. 

The movie is not as tender as "Knocked Up", not as side-splitting as "Step Brothers", and not as well-scripted as "The Hangover". But there are some great and awkward moments that are worth it. And for every movie that is considers itself a 5, just remember that to someone who is in love it would be considered a 10.

Worth: Matinee or Netflix

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