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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Bounty Hunter

I Would Rather Jump Bail
[Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston]

What is it with people? After today's film, I stood up from the prime spot in the center seat behind the rail and started to the aisle. As I walked down the row with my empty popcorn bucket, I had to navigate around half-full bags of popcorn, candy wrappers, and cup holders performing their duty. I am not against not finishing a drink or a concession. What I am against is leaving those concessions behind as if the people were saving those seats for the second half of a double feature. It is a disgrace how people think that movie theater custodians equate to the people that pick up after horses during parades. Well, I guess if the horses' ass fits.

SYNOPSIS:  Ex-cop, current bounty hunter Milo gets the assignment of a lifetime as his ex-wife reporter Nicole is served a bench warrant for skipping a court appearance. As Milo tries to get Nicole to the the precinct for his payday, they are pursued by knee breakers and corrupt cops.

I think I remember where I have seen director Andy Tennant's new movie, "The Bounty Hunter", before... it was called "Bird on a Wire". The only difference is that Gerard Butler's character, Milo, didn't get a new identity from the FBI like Mel Gibson's character Rick Jarmin. Kidding, of course... there are plenty of differences. 

For one, I am more of a fan of Jennifer Aniston than I am of Goldie Hawn. Jennifer pulls off the dramatic a little better in this outing than I think Goldie would have. And Gerard doesn't have the comedic sarcasm down as well as Gibson, although he tries. There are a some moments that are charming between the Gerard and Jennifer. And there is one moment reminiscent of "Die Hard 2" with Butler that is shows off his action side. 

But for all of the promise of physical and romantic comedy and action, this one does not truly deliver. Gerard is still looking for that great follow-up comedic role on par with his action success of "300", but "The Ugly Truth" worked much better. Aniston has had much better comedic fares as well.

Banking on Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler's charm, and the comedy that ensues when couples get back together under the guise of criminal intrique, "The Bounty Hunter" offers us little in originality. Of course, there are rarely stories that are completely original in this day and age... only fresh adaptations. And fresh this is not. Maybe 3D would have helped.

Movies: Pass
Own: Pass
Rental: Netflix


  1. Uh yeah - how ya' doin? I'd like to say I'm a big fan of your bloggy thing here, but I'm a wee-bit confused on your rating system. I don't get it. I thought I'd be looking at a 1-13 'worth'scale, yet I'm left with a pass-fail type of eval-u-ation. Can you please provide further clarification?


  2. My evaluation provides the utmost in movie purchase information. As you can see from more recent reviews, I have returned to the tried and true scale.

  3. I must admit I did not see the Bounty - mainly because of less than enthusiastic reviews. But I have to take exception with your review of Jennifer Aniston. While she has the ability to be on the mark with her comedic timing - given the right movie - she always seems to play the same character over and over. She has not shown us any real acting range in any of her roles. She always looks the same - long hair perfectly coiffed, skinny and attractive. That's fine if you are a model, but an actor needs to show us a range of looks, emotions - interesting characters with each role. She will never be on the level of Meryl Streep - the hands down best character actor of our time, but she can at least be on the level of Laura Dern, who can play any number of characters believably. Jennifer Aniston just can't pull that off. BTW, Goldie Hawn had more range in her youth that Jennifer Aniston will ever have.