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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Bourne Legacy; The Road So Far

The Bourne Identity

Pulled from the sea with two bullets in his back, Jason Bourne discovers he has the skills of a very dangerous man and no memory of his violent past. Racing to unlock the secret of his own identity, he discovers the deadly truth: he's an elite government agent. But to the government, Jason Bourne isn't just their property, he's a malfunctioning thirty million dollar weapon. Lethally trained, built to disappear, he's an agent on the run who has to be taken out. Now, the government's top operative has become its number one target. 

A fishing boat crew working off the coast of France notice a strobe light flashing in the rough seas. Moving closer, they discover an unconscious man adrift in the water with two gunshot wounds in his back. Once on board, the man awakens with no memories of his past.Finding something under his skin, the man removes a tiny laser projector that displays a series of numbers. When he disembarks in port, he thanks the boat captain and travels to Zurich, Switzerland based on the laser projector's information. He scouts out a Swiss bank that has a safety deposit box. In the early following morning before he planned to enter the bank, he discovers that he is both skilled in advanced hand-to-hand combat and can speak German when he is rousted from sleep on a park bench by two policemen who question him for loitering and he finds himself able to depend and dispatch both of the officers.

The next morning, at the bank, the man gains access to hi safety deposit box to find that it contains a significant amount of cash in various currencies, a handgun, and several passports with his photo and several aliases. Using the topmost passport name, Jason Bourne leaves the bank. After his departure, a bank employee contacts the CIA Special Activities Division group, "Operation Treadstone", about Jason Bourne's visit. Local authorities are dispatched to the bank, while Bourne flees to the U.S. consulate. Standing in line behind a young woman, Bourne notices that the security is becoming weary. The official at the consulate try to detain Bourne, but he escapes to the streets. Meeting up with the same young woman Marie Kreutz from line, Bourne offers her $20,000 to drive him to Paris and to the address listed on his passport.

Once Jason Bourne's whereabouts become known to the CIA, Operation Treadstone director Alexander Conklin tells Deputy Director Ward Abbott that Bourne was the covert operative who had disappeared after a failed assassination attempt on exiled African dictator Nykwana Wombosi. As a precaution, Conklin activates three Treadstone assets to to find and eliminate Bourne.

When Jason and Marie arrive at the Paris address, they find that the apartment belongs to another of Bourne's aliases, John Michael Kane, Somehow, Kane had died two weeks previous. Before Jason and Marie find any more clues, one of the activated assets, codename Castel, attacks Bourne. After a brief close-combat fight, Bourne subdues Castel and starts to interrogate him for more information about his past. Before Bourne can extract any intel, Castel escapes out the window and plunges to his death to the streets below.

Conklin enlists Treadstone Paris safehouse logistics technician Nicolette Parsons to assist in tracking Bourne and Marie. At a hotel, Marie changes her appearance with different clothes, a haircut and hair dye. Afterward, Jason and Marie travel to the Paris morgue to see the man that supposedly died as Kane, piecing together that the man named Wombosi has also known interest in the body. Gathering intel on Wombosi, Bourne plans to intercept the leader but is beaten to the punch when a second Treadstone operative codenamed The Professor kills Wombosi before Bourne arrives.

With pieces of memory returning, Bourne surmises that he must be an assassin like the man he battled as the Paris apartment. He and Marie travel to the country house of Marie's stepbrother in an effort to stay off the grid. Conklin, though, digs into Marie's holdings and familial affiliations to pinpoint that Marie would head to the country, sending The Professor to the house. When Jason gets a bad feeling after the family dog disappears, he sends Marie, her stepbrother, and his two kids away. Bourne sets off a propane tank explosion as a distraction and flanks and shoots The Professor in an open field Before his death, The Professor complains to Bourne about headaches and what Treadstone had done to them. Before Bourne can find out more about Treadstone The Professor dies, leaving a cellphone that Bourne uses to contact Conklin to arrange a meeting.

When Conklin arrives in Paris for the meet, Bourne fails to show up but tracks Conklin's movements from a distance. Following Conklin back to the safehouse, Bourne is told by Conklin that Bourne planned the assassination of Wombosi, using Wombosi's yacht as the perfect kill spot. When he hears the words, Bourne's memories flood back to him. He remembers infiltrating the yacht but could not bring himself to kill the exiled leader with his children present. Bourne aborts and flees, but is shot twice before falling overboard into the Mediterranean.

Bourne tells Conklin that he is quitting and warns Conklin not to pursue him. Conklin retorts that he is property of the United States government and needs to come in for reprogramming. Bourne knocks Conklin out and escapes from the safehouse after engaging with several Treadstone agents. Conklin orders Nicolette to shut down the safehouse and proceeds to his car. Before he can reach his vehicle, Conklin is assassinated by the third activated Treadstone agent codenamed Manheim from orders from Abbott.

Abbott appears before an oversight committee in Washington, stating that Operation Treadstone has been shut down due to its ineffective cost benefit ratio. He proposes a new program, Operation Blackbriar, as a viable replacement.

Free from the shackles of the government and the microscope of the CIA, Jason Bourne travels to Greece where he ventures to a scooter shop run by Marie. He smiles and gives her a warm embrace.

The Bourne Supremacy
After escaping from the emotional and physical pain he previously encountered. Jason Bourne and his girlfriend Marie begin a new life as far away as possible. But when an assassination attempt on Bourne goes horribly wrong, Bourne must re-enter the life he wanted to leave behind, in order to find out the truth why they are still after him.

A couple years after the events in Paris, Jason and Marie have been living off the grid on the coast of India. Still trying to piece together the specifics of his earliest mission as a black ops agent, Bourne struggles with memory fragments and nightmares.

Meanwhile, In Berlin, CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy runs a 'Buy Operation' to purchase evidence to expose a mole within the CIA who had stole millions of dollars years previous. Before the operation can be completed, Russian FSB agent Kirill accesses the building , plants false fingerprints at the scene, kills the CIA field agent and the man with the information to be purchases, then escapes with both the information and the payment.

Kirill is then sent to India to assassinate Bourne by Russian oil oiligarch Yuri Gretkov. Bourne, always aware of his surroundings, recognizes Kirill as a threat upon his arrival into town. Bourne goes back the beach house he shares with Marie and flees. Kirill pursues them and shoots at their vehicle, killing Marie and forcing Bourne's jeep off a bridge into the river. When Bourne does not come up, Kirill leaves with the belief that Bourne as been killed by bullet or by drowning. Escaping to the edge of the riverbed, Bourne surfaces and vows revenge on Kirill for the death of his girlfriend.

Surveying the failed operation, Deputy Director Landy finds that the Kirill planted fingerprints are of Jason Bourne, leading her to the CIA archives and information on Jason Bourne, Operation Treadstone, and the elite squad of government trained assassins Bourne was enlisted. Finding evidence of Alexander Conklin's involvement in the conspiracy, Landy voices her findings to Deputy Director Ward Abbott who responses with vague details of Conklin and Treadstone. Unsatisfied with Abbott's answers, Landy gives her report to her supervisor, Operations Director Martin Marshall. Outlining the report for him.  Apparently, a Russian politician Vladimir Neski, who l
earned the identity of the thief who stole the millions of dollars, was assassinated with his wife in a hotel staged to look like a murder/suicide. Landy suspects that both Conklin and Bourne were involved. The meeting is interrupted when it is announced that Bourne has been detained upon entry into Naples, Italy.

While his detainment, Bourne incapacitates the officer questioning him. Bourne copies the officers cellphone SIM card and learns of Landry suspicions of Jason's involvement while eaves-dropping on a phone call. Bourne leaves for Munich and breaks into the house of the only other living Treadstone Operative. Surprising Jarda in his own kitchen, he informs Bourne that Treadstone was shut down after Conklin was killed. After Jarda offers the information, Bourne realizes that Jarda alerted the CIA of Bourne's presence when he first came home. Bourne and Jarda fight in close quarters, Bourne finally subduing Jarda by strangling him. Bourne then rigs the house to explode and escapes as the CIA retrieval team is caught off-guard by the detonation.

Abbott and Landy, in their continued investigation, travel to Amsterdam to question former Treadstone logistics technician Nicky Parsons about the operations. They bring her to Berlin as an asset since she met Bourne personally. Bourne contacts Nicky and arranges for a meet. Careful of the eyes watching the meeting, Bourne essentially kidnaps Nicky. She tells him that Ward Abbott was the mastermind of Operation Treadstone, not Conklin. She also conveys that no file existed for any work that Bourne may have done in Berlin. Bourne lets Nicky go and evades all of the agents trying to capture him. At the Brecker Hotel in Berlin, Bourne sees more flashes of memories, remembering that he did indeed kill Neski and his wife. Meeting with Conklin, Bourne is told that the operation was off-book.

Assistant Danny Zorn asks his boss Ward Abbott to the electrical panel from the Kirill hit to try and piece together why Bourne would be so sloppy and leave evidence behind, as well as why he would detonate the electrical panel at all. Abbott kills Zorn when he realizes his assistant's conspiracy theory may hold too much merit.

Later, Bourne breaks into Abbott's hotel room and records a conversation where Abbott and Gretkov talk about their roles in the money theft. At gunpoint, Bourne forces Abbott to confess his involvement in the India hit on his life and Marie's life, Neski's murder, and the double-cross in Landy's 'Buy Operation', secretly recording the conversation. Bourne leaves Abbott alive, trying to live up to Marie's moral standards. When Landy shows up in the hotel room, she witnesses Abbott's suicide. Later, Bourne sends the Abbott recordings to Landy.

Bourne travels to Moscow to locate Irena, the daughter of Neski. While there, Kirill tracks Bourne down and shoots him in the shoulder. A high-speed chase ensues between Kirill, the Moscow police, and Bourne. Kirill is seriously injured after Bourne smashes his vehicle into a underpass concrete divider. Bourne goes to Irena's apartment and confesses his part in the death of her parents. After he apologizes, he leaves her in shock.

Landy, after receiving the recordings from Bourne, uses the recording of Abbott's confession to have Gretkov arrested for his part in the cover-up and conspiracy.

Weeks later at the CIA offices in New York City, Landy receives a phone call from Bourne. She tells him that his real name is David Webb and his birth date is '4-5-71', expressing her thanks for the recordings he mailed to her. She invites him to come to the offices for a face-to-face conversation, but he regretfully declines. Telling her that she needs a rest and that she looks tired, he hangs up and looks up from the sniper scope on the roof across the street.

The Bourne Ultimatum
Bourne is once again brought out of hiding, this time inadvertently by London-based reporter Simon Ross who is trying to unveil Operation Blackbriar--an upgrade to Project Treadstone--in a series of newspaper columns. Bourne sets up a meeting with Ross and realizes instantly they're being scanned. Information from the reporter stirs a new set of memories, and Bourne must finally, ultimately, uncover his dark past whilst dodging The Company's best efforts in trying to eradicate him.

Wounded by a gunshot from the Russian assassin Kirill, Jason Bourne evades Moscow police and goes into hiding. When he is healed, he goes to Paris to inform Marie's brother that she had been killed.

The Guardian newspaper correspondent Simon Ross meets with an unknown source to discuss Operation Treadstone and Jason Bourne. After Ross mentions the words 'Operation Blackbriar' on a cellphone call, the CIA starts monitoring Ross. Bourne also realizes that Ross is being tracked by the government and secretly meets Ross at the Waterloo Station. Leaving a cellphone in Ross's pocket, Bourne takes the high ground to navigate Ross past possible government threats. When Ross panics and deviates from Bourne's instructions, Ross is killed by a Operation Blackbriar assassin Paz. Bourne realizes that Ross was ambushed, he evades pursuit and disappears.

When it becomes known that Jason Bourne was back in play, Blackbriar operations director Noah Vosen brings in Pamela Landy to assist in intel and his capture. After Ross' death, Vosen and Landy go through Ross' notes to discover that his source was former Treadstone and current Blackbriar Neal Daniels. Now stationed as a CIA station chief in Madrid, Daniels office stand empty when Bourne arrives.

Vosen and Landy send in a team to capture Bourne, but he dispatches the unit. Former Treadstone logistics technician Nicolette Parsons, posted in Madrid, arrives to offer her assistance to Bourne. All she can offer Bourne is the intel that Daniels has fled to Tangier. They travel to Tangier, but Parsons is unable to track Daniels' locations.

When Vosen learns that Nicky Parsons logged in to access information on Daniels, he sends Blackbriar operative Desh Bouksani, a man who was tasked with killing Daniels, after Bourne and Parsons. Bourne does get the upper hand against Desh when he tries to kill Nicky, but not before Daniels is killed in an explosion. Afterward, Bourne sends Parsons in hiding for her safety. In Daniels' charred briefcase, Bourne finds the New York City address for Blackbriar operations.

Weeks later at the CIA offices in New York City, Landy receives a phone call from Bourne. She tells him that his real name is David Webb and his birth date is '4-5-71', expressing her thanks for the recordings he mailed to her. She invites him to come to the offices for a face-to-face conversation, but he regretfully declines. Telling her that she needs a rest and that she looks tired, he hangs up and looks up from the sniper scope on the roof across the street. Landy doesn't know that Vosen has taped the conversation, both realizing that Bourne is now in New York. Vosen intercepts a text from Bourne to Landy for an address to meet, joining a team to follow Landy to the meeting.

While Vosen and his team try to bring Bourne down, Bourne breaks into Vosen's office and takes classified Blackbriar documents. When Vosen realizes that the meet address was a distraction, he sends Paz after Bourne. Chasing him down by car, Paz pursues Bourne in a pursuit that results in Bourne crashing into a concrete divider. Bourne pulls a gun on Paz as he exits the car, but leaves Paz for a destination at 415 East 71st Street that the false birthday triggered from his memory.

Vosen realizes also where Bourne is going, calling Dr. Albert Hirsch as a warning that one of his behavior modification subjects is coming. Landy meets Bourne at the building before he goes inside. He gives her the Blackbriar files he stole from Vosen's office. On an upper level, Bourne meet Hirsch who triggers a memory of volunteering for the Treadstone program. Bourne flees from an approaching CIA team to the building's roof. Paz confronts Bourne on the roof, enquiring why Bourne did not kill him at the crash. Bourne repeats the same words that The Professor has said to him years earlier in the French countryside. Paz falters and lowers his gun, letting Bourne run to jump off the roof. Vosen appears at the last moment and shoots Bourne as he leaps off the roof to the East River below.

Back at the office, Landy starts faxing files to an unknown number. Vosen finds the files as the last page is being sent. Some time later, Nicky Parsons watches a news broadcast that reports the exposure of Operation Blackbriar, the arrests of Hirsch and Vosen, a criminal investigation of CIA Ezra Kramer, and that David Webb, a.k.a. Jason Bourne, who was shot and had fallen in the East River, had not been found after an exhaustive three-day search.

Bourne swims away under the water after his fall into the fall.

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