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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Resident Evil: The Road So Far

Resident Evil

A team of paramilitary commandos must battle flesh-eating undead, killer mutant dogs and a supercomputer's deadly defenses before an unleashed virus consumes humanity in this adaptation of the hit video game series.

In a top-secret genetic research facility called The Hive built under the streets of Raccoon City, a thief infiltrates and steals a case containing vials of the Umbrella Corporation's manufactured and mutating T-Virus. The thief breaks a vial of the virus to cover his escape, causing The Hive's supercomputer intelligence named the Red Queen to seal off the facility with all of the workers and researchers locked inside.

A young woman named Alice wakes up in the bathroom shower in a deserted mansion, unsure of who she is or how she got there. A police officer named Matt is also in the mansion. Before they can discover out much about themselves or their surroundings, a group of paramilitary commandos seize control of the property. Alice and Matt are taken into custody and led into a secret passage that connects the mansion to The Hive facility by way of an underground railway. On the train station platform, the military team finds another man, Spence, who also suffers from a loss of memory. The commander of the team explains that they are all employees of the Umbrella Corporation, except Matt, and that Alice and Spence were serving as guards above The Hive railway station under the cover of a married couple. Alice and Spence's amnesia, according to the commander, was a result of the Red Queen releasing a nerve gas in the mansion. Unaware of why the supercomputer sealed The Hive facility, they were spurred into action to investigate. They board the waiting train and travel to The Hive to regain control of the facility.

When the team enter The Hive station, they access the facility by bypassing the perimeter security measures. They make their way to the Red Queen's central chamber, but the Red Queen's security measures in her sanctuary kill several of the commandos, leaving Rain, Kaplan and J.D. to handle the mission. Along with Alice, Spence and Matt, they gain access to the Red Queen's inner chambers and ready an EMP to shut the Red Queen down. Before they arm the device, the Red Queen projects herself as a hologram to explain that if they power her down, there will be dangerous circumstances. They set off the EMP and shut down the Red Queen's systems, causing the security measures to be disabled, opening the research facility lockdowns, and releasing zombified staff, researchers, and experimental lab animals throughout the complex. Warding off attacks from the animated dead, J.D. is killed and Rain is injured. Matt and Alice are separated from the rest of the group. Matt looks for his sister Lisa, another employee of the Umbrella Corporation, while Alice fends off several infected dogs with fighting skills she did not realize she possessed.

When Matt finds his reanimated dead sister Lisa, Alice must save him from her. He explains that he and his sister had infiltrated the Umbrella Corporation in order to extract a sample of the T-Virus to expose the corporation and their immoral experiments.

The remaining members of the military team, Spence, Alice, and Matt reconvene in the Red Queen's chambers, trying to figure out their next moves. Rain and Kaplan let the rest of the group know that they need to evacuate the facility within an hour before The Hive seals the compound permanently. Alice turns on the Red Queen again and threatens the computer with a second, wire-frying remote-detonated EMP if she does not provide them with an escape route. The Red Queen provides with one route through the maintenance tunnels that will lead them back to The Hive railway station.

As they make their way through the tunnels, Kaplan is bitten and left behind from the rest of the group. Alice's memories flood back and she realizes that there is an anti-virus in the lab. When they arrive, the anti-virus is gone. Spence's memories reveal that he was the thief who released the T-Virus, and well as hiding samples of both the T-Virus and the anti-virus on the train. Spence gets bitten, then traps the rest of the group in the lab to make his way to the train and the anti-virus. When he is killed by one of the T-Virus injected dogs, the Red Queen advises that the dog will mutate into something stronger and more dangerous now that it has fed on fresh DNA. Alice and Rain escape from the lab with the returning Kaplan, racing against the clock to get back to the train station. When they board, an injected and zombified Spence attacks them but is dispatched by Alice with an axe.

As they get the train running and headed back to the mansion, Rain and Kaplan are injected with the anti-virus by Alice and Matt. The mutated dog, who had been lurking in the shadows of the train, attacks the group, clawing Matt in the arm, and hurling Kaplan from the train. Alice uses a pole to impale the creature's tongue to the grated floor. Matt is attacked by the now zombified Rain, but shoots her in the head and causes her to hit the trap-door switch. The mutated dog creature falls through the trap-door, drags it behind the train on the tracks, and leaving it to burn to death.

Escaping the facility as the containment doors close forever, Matt and Alice go topside in the mansion. Before Alice can administer the anti-virus to Matt's mutating arm, scientists and more Umbrella Corporation paramilitary forces subdue Alice and take Matt into quarantine to be inducted into the Nemesis program. The forces also make plans to reopen The Hive. Alice tries to fight back but is knocked unconscious.

Alice awakes, strapped to an examination table in a observation room of the Raccoon City Hospital. She escapes to the streets and to an abandoned, chaotic cityscape filled with debris and burned out vehicles. A newspaper headline explains that the T-Virus was released to the surface, filling the city with injected zombies who overrun the city within hours. Alice arms herself with a shotgun from an abandoned police car and heads off through the decimated city.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

After narrowly escaping the horrors of the underground Hive facility, Alice is quickly thrust back into a war raging above ground between the living and the Undead. It's a heart-pounding race against time as the group faces off against hordes of blood-thirsty zombies, stealthy Lickers, mutant canines and the most sinister foe yet.

After Alice is subdued and taken into custody, the paramilitary forces who re-opened The Hive are slaughtered by the zombies and infected animals inside the complex. With the troopers killed and the perimeter open, the Umbrella Corporation evacuates Raccoon City as best it can while creating an armed perimeter around the city.

Alice wakes up in the abandoned hospital, escaping to the outside streets of the city. Now possessing superior strength, speed and agility, Alice arms herself with a shotgun from an abandoned police car and starts making her way through the city.

The Umbrella Corporation tries to evacuate the residents of the city through the last open bridge with a regiment of armed forces. When escaping citizens of the city start to show the effects of the T-Virus, Umbrella Corporation supervisor Timothy Cain instructs the military to fire over the crowd to panic them off the bridge and back into the city. Police officer Jill Valentine, her partner bitten and infected, escapes into the city. In the city, Umbrella Corporation soldiers, led by Carlos Olivera, and Special Tactics and Rescue Squad (STARS) soldiers try to defend against the onslaught of zombies, but are quickly overrun. A bitten Olivera and others who survive retreat to a church, meeting up with officer Valentine and her infected partner Welles, and a news reporter Terri Morales. Filled with Lickers (mutated dogs), the survivors are saved by the heavily armed and capable Alice.

In order to cleanse the problem of the overrun Raccoon City, the Umbrella Corporation releases the product of its Nemesis program. Tasked with killing the STARS soldiers, the hulking and armed Nemesis encounters the troops and kills all but one of the troops - a citizen named L.J..

After Alice's rescue of the church, she is contacted by the creator of the T-Virus, Dr. Ashford, via public telephone with an offer of safe extraction in exchange for rescuing his daughter Angela. Finding Angela hiding in her school dormitory. On the way to the school, Nemesis appears and kills Peyton, Jill and Terri arrive at the school with L.J. in tow, with Olivera and a soldier named Nicholai. While searching for Angela, Nicholai and Terri are killed by infected school children. Alice rescues the group and finds Angela. The young girl reveals that she was injected with the T-Virus to cure her illness, her father also creating the anti-virus because of the rampant possible mutations. Alice injects Olivera with the anti-virus to counteract his infection.

Ashford gives Alice the location of the extraction point at the City Hall. When Alice and her group make it to the helicopter pad, they are confronted and detained by Major Cain and his men. Alice is forced to battle with Nemesis after Cain shoots Ashford. During the fight Alice impales and defeats Nemesis, realizing that the creature is really Matt, the man she fought with during the Hive mission. Nemesis regains a shred of humanity and joins forces with Alice against the Umbrella forces. Nemesis' life is sacrificed when he fires on an attack copter and it crashes into him. Alice and her group escape in the extraction helicopter, throwing Major Cain out of the copter to fend for his life against the advancing zombie horde. Before the helicopter can make it out of Raccoon City airspace, the nuclear bomb that the Umbrella Corporation ordered detonates. The concussive wave from the explosion crashes Alice's helicopter. When a metal pole comes loose and hurls toward Angela, Alice sacrifices herself by allowing the pole to impale her instead of the girl.

Later, Umbrella employees find the helicopter crash, locating Alice's burned body in the fuselage wreckage. The scientists take Alice's body away, not finding any of the other survivors at the site.

After the explosion that razed Raccoon City the Umbrella Corporation's PR department adds their own spin after Terri's footage of what really happened in the city, siting that zombies and T-Virus rumor is a hoax and fabricating a story of a nuclear power plant explosion with officer Valentine and Olivera wanted for questioning.

Some time later, Alice wakes up in a research facility water tank. Lead scientist Dr. Isaacs questions her, but the recovering Alice attacks him and fights her way out of the facility. Outside, Alice is surrounded by armed Umbrella guards. Just when it seems that all hope is lost, more Umbrella guards arrive with paperwork and orders to take Alice into custody. The guards are Jill, Carlos, Angela, and L.J.. Dr. Isaacs orders his guards to stand down and let them go. As Alice is escorted into the vehicle, Angela asks if she is okay. Alice doesn't respond. Dr Isaacs says "Program Alice Activated" and an Umbrella Corporation logo flashes across Alice's eyes.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Las Vegas means fun in the sun. Well... at least the sun is still there. Except for a few rusting landmarks. it looks pretty much like the rest of the desert - or the whole country, for that matter. The crowds are now flesh-eating zombies: the mass undead, the oozing, terrifying sludge of what remains. Here, the newly upgraded Alice, along with her crew (Olivera, L.J., Angela, Betty) will make a final stand against evil - with one goal: to turn the undead... dead again.

Alice wakes up in the mansion that served as the way station for the underground railway to The Hive. She makes her way through the mansion, evading obstacles like the laser room. Almost out of the facility, she is gunned down by an auto machine gun. Men take her lifeless body outside and toss it into a pit filled with hundreds of similar clones of Alice. Outside the fenced in perimeter, hundreds of zombies wander around on the sandy desert landscape.

Only a few years after the inadvertent release of the T-Virus, organisms big and small all over the world are infected and eventually destroyed by the virus's mutative properties. The Umbrella Corporation has opened facilities underground around the globe in an effort to keep the survivors topside obvious to their part in the destruction of the planet.

The original Alice wanders the Southwestern United States, separated from Olivera and the other survivors for their own protection. With the Umbrella Corporation trying to track her movements, Alice keeps her movements off the grid as she hunts for supplies as a lone gun woman with a slingshot, a motorcycle, and a diary.

With Alice's ability to bond with the T-Virus, Dr. Sam Isaacs considers her a top priority for capture and the advancement of a cure. The Umbrella Corporation, led by Albert Wesker, instructs Isaacs to use the Alice clones instead to extract a cure for the T-Virus. Wesker advises that only when the original Alice's current location is verified will Umbrella authorize her capture. Coupled with the pursuit of a cure to the T-Virus mutations, Dr. Isaacs also has his hands in trying to domesticate a group of infected zombies, leading to a new breed of zombies,

When Olivera and his convoy of survivors are attacked by infected crows at a motel they scoured for supplies and a place to camp, Alice arrives to destroy the crows with the help of one of the vehicle's flame throwers and her newly discovered and honed telekinetic powers. Reintroduced to the friends she left like Olivera and L.J., and new survivors including a young woman named Claire. Alice gives Claire the diary whose pages describe a 'safe zone' in Alaska. Discussing the options for the members of the convey, Olivera and Alice convince Claire to change their plans and head north. All that is needed is a resupply run, one that will take them into the ruins of Las Vegas.

When Isaacs finds Alice's location because of the use of her psionic talents at the motel, he uses the information to realize the convoy's plan to venture in Las Vegas. Isaacs shuttles in a cargo crate full of his domesticated zombies to ambush Alice and her friends. Many in the scouting party are killed. L.J. turns into a zombie from an earlier injury at the motel and injects Olivera. The Umbrella Corporation tries to shut down Alice remotely during the battle, but she breaks the programming to save what is left of the convoy scouting party from the remaining zombies and the on-sight Umbrella retrieval team Dr. Isaacs brings to the former desert oasis. Isaacs is infected, but flees back to the desert underground facility. Alice tracks the fleeing Isaacs' flight path back to the compound.

Alice, Olivera, Claire, and the remainder of the convey make their way to the desert complex, staring out at the fenced-in shack from a plateau a few miles away. In order to get into the complex, Olivera plows into the fence, taking dozens of zombies with him in the resulting explosion. Claire and Alice gather the remaining convey survivors into the available helicopter, but Alice remains behind.

When Isaacs returns to the lab he injects himself with massive doses of anti-virus in an attempt to counteract the infection he sustained in Las Vegas. His attempt at a cure for himself leads to an extreme mutation into a powerful creature. In his new form, he kills everyone in the facility. The facilities supercomputer AI, designated as the White Queen, locks Isaacs in the lower levels of the underground complex. The AI informs Alice that her blood contains the cure for the T-Virus and that the mutated Isaacs is trapped below.

On her way to deal with Isaacs, Alice finds a warehouse sized birthing center with clones of herself inside liquid bubbles. She releases one of the clones from its chamber, the subject dying moments after its premature birth.

Finding Isaacs, Alice and the creature battle in the same corridors that the Alice clones used to try and escape the complex. Finding themselves in the same laser corridor, the lasers activate and slice Isaacs into little cubes. Alice escapes with the help of the revived clones.

Later, in Tokyo, Wesker informs the Umbrella board that the North American facility is overrun and that he will continue his work from facilities in Japan. A hologram of Alice interrupts the communication. She declares that she is coming for Wesker and the rest of the Umbrella Corporation. When the transmission ends, Alice turns off her communications channel and looks out onto the endless numbers of pods containing all of her clones.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

After a one-woman assault on the Umbrella Corporation's fortress, Alice's superhuman abilities are neutralized. Now, fleeing the Undead masses created by the T-Virus, Alice reunites with Claire and her brother, Chris. Together they take refuge with the other survivors in an abandoned prison, where a savage zombie mob stands between them and the safety of 'Arcadia'. Escaping these bloodthirsty mutants will take an arsenal. But facing off with Albert Wesker and the Umbrella Corporation will take the fight for survival to a new level of danger.

After Alice gives an ultimatum to Wesker and the Umbrella Board, she and her clones hunt down Wesker at his base in Tokyo. During the assault, Wesker escapes and destroys both the base and all of Alice's clones. Alice herself gets aboard Wesker's aircraft and engages Wesker in hand-to-hand combat. During the fight Wesker strips Alice of her superhuman powers, but is killed in the crash of the craft. Alice escapes.

Afterward, Alice travels by plane back to North America, following emergency broadcasts directing her to a safe haven known as 'Arcadia' in Alaska. After she lands in an open field filled with abandoned small planes, Alice is attacked by her friend Claire who wears a strange device. Alice destroys the device to find out that Claire has lost her memories. Alice takes the groggy Claire back to the plane and heads to Los Angeles where the rumored 'Arcadia' exists.

Above the ruins of Los Angeles, their only course of action to land is on the roof of a prison in the middle of the city overrun with zombies. They find a group of survivors living in the prison, including Luther West, Wendell, Crystal Waters, Bennett, Kim Yong, and Angel Ortiz.

Soon, they realize that Claire's brother Chris is a prisoner under lockdown in the prison structure. He claims that he is soldier turned prisoner as a result of a cruel joke by former prisoners, falsely locked in a detention cell. Alice and Claire also find out that 'Arcadia' is not a place, but a cargo vessel traveling along the Pacific coastline. Chris says he knows of a way to get to the port and to the tanker using an armored car that is in the prison's motor pool, but needs to get out of his cell first.

While trying to clean up from long battles and longer travels, Alice's shower is interrupted by a group of zombies that managed to tunnel into the prison. Alice kills the zombies, but not before peeping tom Wendell is killed. Realizing that time is running out behind the fortifications of the prison walls, Alice sets Chris free and plans to leave the compound.

While the group tries to get the armored vehicle ready for departure, a giant axe-wielding zombified creature starts to break through the main gates to the prison. Alice, Chris and Crystal go into the bowels of the prison to get at the weapons in the armory. Zombies attack the trio and kill Crystal. Luther and Claire try to reinforce the gates against the advancing Axeman and the zombie minions. In the motor pool, Bennett shoots Angel in a panic after learning the armored vehicle does not have its engine installed. Bennett abandons Yong and steals Alice's airplane.

The Axeman and the zombies finally break onto the prison grounds. When Yong is chopped in half by the Axeman's blade, Alice and Claire face and defeat him. Looking to use the tunnels in the shower room that the zombies used to access the prison and attack Alice, she and Claire meet up with Chris. While in the tunnels, they lose Luther to a zombie that drags him back into the sewers.

Once at the coast, Alice, Claire and Chris find a boat and pilot it to the Arcadia tanker. The vessel seems deserted. Claire's memories spark to life as she realizes that the vessel is an Umbrella Corporation trap designed to lure survivors to its decks to be used as bait for experimentation. As the three of them start to release survivors held in stasis, including K-Mart, one of Claire's survivors from her Las Vegas convoy, Alice discovers deeper in the ship her enemy Wesker. Revived by the T-Virus, Wesker is possesses vast powers, but must consume human DNA. With Alice on board, Wesker looks to consume her flesh in order to stabilize his body's rejection of the T-Virus.

While Wesker and Alice stand off against each other, Chris and Claire arrive to take Wesker on. Alice dispatches two T-Virused dogs while Chris and Claire are easily overpowered by Wesker. Alice then faces Bennett who has aligned himself with Wesker. With K-Mart's help, Alice defeats Bennett and Wesker, leaving Bennett locked in the room with the dead Wesker. The madman reanimates again to consume Bennett's flesh and escape on an aircraft. Wesker activates a remote detonator for a bomb on the ship, but the bomb was moved to the aircraft by Alice and explodes. Wesker manages to parachute away from the explosive aftermath.

Luther, earlier dragged back into the sewers during the escape from the prison, emerges from the mouth of the sewer system. He seems no worse for wear, and watches the action in the ocean from the coastline.

Alice decides to turn the Arcadia into a real safe haven for survivors, but she, Claire, Chris, and K-Mart are attacked by a squadron of assault helicopters led by Jill Valentine. Jill went missing during the apocalyptic escape from Raccoon City and Nemesis, and the rescue of Alice from the midwest Umbrella facility, but now leads the Umbrella armored assault teams wearing the same device that Claire was wearing when Alice found her in Alaska.

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