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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Dark Knight Trilogy: The Road So Far

Batman Begins

As a child playing on his parent's estate, Bruce Wayne falls through the rotting planks covering an abandoned well. Young Bruce develops a phobia of bats because of the cavern filled with them. Later, young Bruce attends a show with his mother and father. When Bruce is reminded and scared of the bats from the cavern, his parents take him out of the theater into an alley. Once there, a mugger named Joe Chill who guns down both Bruce’s mother and father, leaving Bruce alive as a witness. Bruce is left in the guardianship of the Wayne's trusted butler Alfred Pennyworth. Joe Chill is caught and tried for his crimes.

When Bruce is an adult, he learns that Joe Chill is being offered parole in exchange for information concerning the Carmine Falcone and the Falcone crime family. Still haunted and bitter from the brutal slaying of his youth, Bruce enters the courthouse with the intentions of killing Chill. Unfortunate for the satisfaction of his vengeance, Bruce's assassination attempt is left incomplete when Chill is killed by one of Falcone's own men. Feeling cheated, Bruce confronts Falcone himself. But Bruce is no match for the experienced and brutal Falcone and is tossed out of Falcone's establishment.

Bruce immediately leaves Gotham City by freighter in defeat. In his travels, Bruce looks to learn the ways of the criminal underworld, both strategically and physically. Ending up in a Bhutanese prison, Bruce must use his skills to ward out some of the other inmates. He is found by a man named Ducard who offers Bruce an out to his current incarceration, pledging to train Wayne as a ninja of the League of Shadows under the tutelage of Ra's al Ghul. As he completes the relentless and brutal physical and mental training, Bruce discovers that the League has plans to liberate Gotham City from its corruption by destroying the city altogether. Bruce battles against the ninjas of the League, burning down the League temple. He kills the ninjas and Ra's al Ghul, saving his friend Ducard and leaving him in a village at the base of the mountain.

Confident in his abilities, Bruce returns to Gotham with his trusted servant Alfred. Publicly posing as a billionaire playboy, Bruce returns to the Wayne estate and the head of the family's technology ad defense company Wayne Enterprises. At the company Wayne is met by the current CEO William Earle, who looks to take the family company public and has no love for the return of the prodigal son. More cordial, Lucius Fox takes Bruce on a tour of the facilities, introducing Bruce to a warehouse full of research and development projects started by Wayne Enterprises but shelved.

Along with Alfred, Bruce starts to create the persona of the Batman, based on Bruce's childhood fear of the winged, furry rodent. Assembling a base of operations under Wayne Manor in the caverns, Bruce uses his fortune and access to experimental Wayne Enterprises technology to outfit vehicles and a suit of body armor to take back the streets of Gotham.

As Batman, Bruce starts to dismantle Carmine Falcone's criminal organization from the streets. He intercepts a key drug shipment of Falcone's, leading to the arrest of Carmine Falcone by Sgt. Jim Gordon and the Gotham Police department. While the Batman starts to strike fear in the thugs of the underworld of Gotham, an experimental Wayne Enterprises "Microwave Emitter" is stolen from a cargo ship.

Awaiting trail, Carmine Falcone and his criminal associates are declared mentally unfit to stand trial for their crimes by Dr. Jonathan Crane, sending them all to Arkham Asylum for observation. What the police and lawyers do not know is that Crane is secretly using the Falcone network to import and traffic a hallucinogenic drug of his own design. As the alter-ego villain The Scarecrow, Crane exposes Carmine to the aerosol, driving the mob boss mad.

Investigating the strange happenings of Falcone's criminal enterprises and the dangerous drug, the Batman is exposed to the drug and is driven to frightening visions and hallucinations. The Batman is rescued by Alfred and is given an antidote for the drug raging through his bloodstream. He creates two more vials of antidote and returns to the streets.

Rachel Dawes, a childhood friend of Bruce and assistant district attorney for Gotham, blind-sided by the derailed prosecution of Falcone and his associates, discovered while speaking to Dr. Crane that he has been dumping his toxins into the Gotham water supply. Before she can react, Crane exposes her to the toxic aerosol. The Batman rescues Rachel and inoculates her with one of the vials of antidote. The Batman uses Crane's own toxin against him and uses its hallucinogenic properties to interrogate The Scarecrow into revealing that the toxin is harmless in liquid form, but potent if inhales.

During a birthday party in his honor at Wayne Manor, Ducard confronts Bruce. He reveals in private that he is the real Ra's al Ghul. Renewing their plans to destroy the city with The Scarecrow's toxin-infiltrated city water supply and the stolen microwave emitter, Bruce gets rid of his party guests before Ra's al Ghul and his ninjas set fire to the mansion. Barely escaping, Bruce is rescued by Alfred and suits up as The Batman to go after Ghul and the device on an elevated train traveling to the center of the city.

Batman meets up with Sgt. Gordon and hands over the keys to the Tumbler while he pursues Ra's on the train. As the train nears the center of the city, The Batman and Ra's battle, The Batman escapes on the deteriorating train just as Gordon and the Tumbler crash into one of the main support members of the train, leaving Ra's to die in the inferno aftermath of the train explosion.

The Batman becomes a beacon and hero of vigilante justice to Gotham. Rachel makes the decision that she cannot live for and love the double identities of both the man Bruce Wayne and the anti-hero Batman. CEO William Earle completes the process to start publicly trading Wayne Enterprises, bought up by several companies and parties that provide a controlling interest of Wayne Enterprises back to Wayne. He promptly fires Earle and replaces him with Lucius Fox. With the city safe once more, Sgt. Gordon is promotes to Lieutenant in the department, building a bat signal on the roof of the precinct. Batman appears while Gordon is on the roof, where he mentions to The Batman that he may have saved the city but he has also incited the introduction of new costumed crazies, namely a man who leaves Joker cards at crime scenes. The Batman promises to investigate and disappears into the darkness.

The Dark Knight
In Gotham City, The Batman protects its citizens and its streets. But even as The Batman cleans up the local thugs and crime families, a new criminal is making a name for himself.

The Joker and a group of accomplices rob a mob-owned bank. As each thug completes his task on the job, the next accomplice kills him. When the money is ready to be hauled into a bus that crashed into the bank, the last robber kills the driver and is revealed to be the Joker.

After the Joker leaves the scene of the crime, Lt. Jim Gordon and the Batman arrive to survey the damage and sift out clues. Several stacks of traceable money are all that's left of the contents of the vault, left intentionally by the Joker and his crew. Gordon and the Batman decide to include the new district attorney Harvey Dent in their plan to get their hands on the mobs' slush money.

With more of their laundered money disappearing to the likes of the Joker, mob bosses Sal Maroni, Gambol, and the Chechen meet to discuss their next moves. They discover via videoconference that their accountant Lau has fled to Hong Kong and has hidden the remainder of their money in accounts on the Asian continent. After the video conference, the Joker interrupts the meeting and poses an offer to kill the Batman for half of the mobs' money, pointing out that having their money on mainland China will not deter the Batman from getting his hands on Lau. The mob heads laugh at the Joker's offer and disband the meeting.

The Batman does indeed make his way to Hong Kong and infiltrates Lau's impenetrable high rise tower, using a visiting Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox as a cover to introduce a virus into the structure's mainframe and allowing the Batman to overpower several of Lau's bodyguard's and security detail. Before more security can reach Lau, the Batman hoists Lau out of the building and reels them both into a passing cargo plane headed back to Gotham.

Unknown thugs visit mob boss Gambel with a body bag to collect the bounty for the Joker. To Gambel's surprise the Joker is not dead, rising from the body bag to kill Gambel and take control of his men.

Playing a new game, the Joker gives an ultimatum to the citizens of Gotham City. In his statement, the Joker promises that people will die until the Batman is unmasked and his identity publicly known. The Joker targets and succeeds in killing Commissioner Loeb with poison from his stash of whiskey, and the judge of the mob trials with a car bomb. When Joker and his men crash a fundraiser to kill Harvey Dent, Bruce hides Dent before the killing is done. Rachel Dawes, who Dent is seeing romantically, is also targeted by the Joker but is rescued and looked after by Bruce's butler Alfred Pennyworth. During the memorial for Commissioner Loeb, one of the Joker's men dressed as a policeman takes a shot at the mayor, killing Lt. Jim Gordon instead.

Harvey Dent hunts down the man who killed Gordon and interrogates him. Flipping a coin, Dent gives the killer an ultimatum to tell him what he wants to know or be killed. Before Dent can pull the trigger, the Batman interrupts and warns Dent that the district attorney must not do anything that will tarnish the good that he has done in office thus far. The Batman then offers to reveal his identity at a press conference the next day.

During the press conference, Harvey Dent tells the reporters that he is really the Batman. While the journalists stand in shock, Dent is put into protective custody and readied for transport. Rachel Dawes wonders what Dent is trying to prove, but says her goodbyes before he is put into the back of the armored vehicle. While in transit, the police convey is ambushed at several points by the Joker and his men. The Batman intervenes on his motorcycle-like Bat-Pod and brings the Joker to his knees in time for a not dead Lt. Gordon to put the Joker under arrest. In the melee, though, both Rachel and Harvey Dent disappear.

While the Joker is put into detention, Gordon is unceremoniously promoted to Commissioner. When the Joker proves more than a match for a ranking detective, he is left in a room with the Batman. Although beaten by the Batman, the Joker remains amused and unfazed. The Joker reveals that both the missing district attorney Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes are in separate buildings filled with explosives. Faced with the choice of only being able to save one of them, the Batman arrives at Dent's location moments before the building blows up, saving Dent but not before one side of his face is brutally burned and scarred. Rachel is killed in another explosion before anyone can reach her. In the meantime, the Joker escapes custody when another detainee explodes from a bomb lodged in his belly.

The Joker visits the recovering Dent in the hospital, looking to persuade Dent to take revenge on the people who were responsible for Rachel's death and the people who failed to save her. Using his charred two-headed coin, Dent decides to exact his revenge. The Joker blows up the hospital and escapes with hostages. While Dent tracks down and kills some of those he considers responsible for Rachel's death, the Joker announces that he has rigged two ferries with explosive. One of the ferries carries Arkham Asylum inmates and the other Gotham citizens, both set to detonate at midnight unless one of the ferries passengers take it upon themselves to detonate the other ferry. The Batman uses secret Wayne Enterprises telecommunication technology to track down the location of the Joker, enlisting a reluctant Lucius Fox to assist him. While he agrees to help the Batman, Fox declares that he will resign as CEO of Wayne Enterprises immediately afterward. The Batman locates the Joker and his men on a construction site overlooking the harbor, and engages them. The Batman must also fend off Gordon's SWAT team since they are unaware that the hostages are dressed as the Joker's men and his accomplices are disguised as hostages. The Batman battles the Joker's dogs and finally succeeds in capturing the Joker. The mad man claims to have won as he counts down to midnight and the eventual explosion on the water. When neither ferry explodes due to both sets of passengers deciding to not detonate the other, Joker's smile turns upside down into a frown.

Pursuing Dent, Gordon is lured to the building where Rachel dies. He discovers that his wife and son are hostages and that Gordon must choose who will live and who will die. The Batman confronts Dent who flips his marred coin to learn his fate. With one toss, Dent shoots Batman in the stomach. With a second toss, Dent spares himself from the barrel of his gun. Dent tosses the coin one last time to determine what will happen to Gordon's son. Before the coin comes down, the Batman, who wears bulletproof body armor, tackles Dent and falls off the edge of the building. Dent is killed, but Batman makes Gordon promise that he will tell the citizens of Gotham that the Batman was responsible for the murders that Dent committed, keeping Dent as the symbol of hope for the city.

The Batman races off on the Batpod and the manhunt after him escalate. Commissioner Gordon destroys the Bat Signal and continues on with the work of protecting the city.

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue
Click here to learn more about Bane's comic origins!

The Warner Bros. logo and the Legendary logo displays on a black ice background, followed by the glacial cracks forming the Batman icon.

Commissioner Jim Gordon is heard as a voice over as the logos fade to black. The next scene fades in to show Commissioner Gordon outside at a podium touting his remembrance and belief in what Harvey Dent meant for him and stood for the city of Gotham. Pictures of Harvey Dent adorn the stage beside and behind the podium. Gordon moves away from the podium and sits down. The scene fades to black.

The next scene springs to white as we see a Lear jet on a desert mountain tarmac, a Land Rover bouncing on a dirt road toward the plane. In the back seat of the vehicle are three hooded figures in restraints. Leonid Pavel is led from the vehicle to who seems to be a CIA field agent. Another agent informs the special agent in charge that the hooded prisoners are believed to be associated with the terrorist Bane. All are led onto the plane in preparation for take off.

As the plane flies low over the rolling hills and jagged rock outcroppings, the CIA agent tells the prisoners that the flight manifest only has room for his staff, the guards, Pavel and one of the prisoners. If one of them tells him about the terrorist known as Bane, he will let that snitch stay on the plane. The other two are destined to be thrown out of the open side door into the empty air. Neither of the first two hooded prisoners say a word as they are interrogated with the threat of a jump without a parachute. The third hooded prisoner speaks up in a gravelly synthesized voice. The CIA agent pulls off the hood to reveal the prisoner is Bane himself. Talking with a mechanized voice modulator, he confronts the agent.

As Bane does rants, a multi-prop cargo plane flies in over the Lear jet. The jet stream from the cargo plane bucks the Lear around in its wake. The rear cargo ramp opens and four black-clad soldiers repel out of the opening, into the air and descending to the Lear. They land hard on both sides of the plane over the wings and start shooting the CIA guards through the windows. Catching the agents by surprise, they attach powerful magnets or spikes to the side of the Lear's fuselage. The more powerful cargo plane, now connected to the smaller plane, pulls the Lear out of its flight path and up-ends it in mid-flight. The Lear's wings, from the cargo plane's jet stream and the air speed, shear off the craft completely. The Lear is left looking more like an up-ended missile than an airplane. Meanwhile, the agents are thrown to the front wall between the cabin and the cockpit. Eventually they are all killed. Bane's soldiers on the outside of the plane add det cord to the hull and blow out the tail of the plane.

A body bag descends from the cargo plane and into the now open hull. The bag is open to reveal a seemingly dead soldier. Bane sticks a IV feed tube in Pavel's arm to start the extract of blood from his arm to a blood bag, and possibly to the soldier in the body bag. A quick camera shot makes it look like someone is trying to perform CPR on the dead gray man. As Bane's extract team ascends their ropes back to the cargo plane, the last soldier starts to tie up for his escape. Bane tells him he is to stay behind. As he unties himself from the gear, the soldier seems to revel in the sacrifice Bane has asked him to make for the cause. Bane ties Pavel to his ascent rig. The plane suddenly falls away to earth as Bane and Pavel are pulled back to the cargo plane. The scene fades to black.

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