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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jack and Jill

Wonder Twin Powers, Deactivate!

Director: Dennis Dugan
Writers: Steve Koren, Ben Zook
Cast: Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, Al Pacino, David Spade, Nick Swardson

SYNOPSIS: What starts as the short annual Thanksgiving holiday visit from his needy and annoying twin sister Jill, ends up being a battle for Jack to find a way to get her to leave.

REVIEW: The list of Adam Sandler movies is long. Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Grown Ups, and Just Go With It, just to name a few. And for the record, Dennis Dugan has directed them all, including the now in theaters Jack and Jill. Written by Steve Koren (Click) from a story by Ben Zook (Can't Stop Dancing), Jack and Jill marks an Adam Sandler acting career spanning almost a quarter century.

Jack Sadelstein
 (Adam Sandler) and his family prepares to host his twin sister Jill (Adam Sandler) for the Thanksgiving weekend. With the death of their mother earlier in the year, the needy and annoying Jill decides to make her first lonely holiday season stay much longer. As Jack tries unsuccessful different ways to curtail her stay before his family cruise to Europe, he starts to realize that Jill may hold the only way to snag Al Pacino (himself) for a Dunkin Donuts commercial. All the while, Jack's landscaper Felipe seems to also have taken a shine to forlorn Jill.

Filled with Adams usual suspects from his other films, we get a look at Norm MacDonald as a perspective Jill suitor with the screen name of 'Funbucket', Allen Covert as a homeless man invited to Thanksgiving dinner by Jack and Jill's parents, Nick Swardson as not-thinking-before-he-speaks co-worker Todd, and even David Spade as Jack ex-girlfriend Monica. New to the universe of Adam Sandler films, Katie Holmes stars as Jack's wife Erin, with Elodie Tougne as daughter Sofia and Rohan Chand as scotch tape obsessed son Gary. Cameos abound with celebrity pop-ins and stand-outs, but most seem to be cheese and missed opportunities.

I am a fan of most Sandler's films, loving his romantic comedies of 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer, and the different concept Click. Even Grown Ups had a goofy, silly, and sweet story. While Steve Koren gave us a caring silly romp with ClickJack and Jill starts off as an interesting concept that ends up being lame jokes, potty humor, weird acting, and a story that gives us a few laughs, but little else. The best parts of the film are when Nick Swardson's Todd comes on screen to put his foot in his mouth in front of his boss, and one of the best two minute cameos involves Dana Carvey as a intestine puppeteer.

Sandler fans beware. Jack and Jill should not be added to your list of must sees or must haves. An interesting concept gone wrong, I can see you coming out a few smiles and gross-out laughs heavier, but a few too many dollars lighter.

WORTH: Rental

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