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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Mega Hit, Maybe
[Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Davis Cross, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill]

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RANT: I was lucky enough to get a free movie ticket yesterday when I went to see "Due Date" because I regularly use my Regal Movie Rewards card. Of course, when I was going to redeem it today for "Megamind", I couldn't! That's what happens when you try to use a freebie at a no-pass movie on opening weekend. Oh well, maybe next week.

SYNOPSIS: Megamind and Metro Man, having Superman beginnings from dying planets, end up as archenemies as adults. Constantly plotting Metro Man's demise by using reporter Roxanne Ritchi as the damsel in distress, Megamind is faced with a uncertain future when he actually defeats Metro Man for the first time.

Tom McGrath, director of both "Madagascar" movies and an actual voice actor in both movies and many of their spin-offs, takes on a different popular character set with caped superheros and villains. As with "Despicable Me" where the villain is the protagonist, "Megamind" delves into the megamind of Megamind! What happens when two infants from neighboring dying planets are jettisoned into space and head to earth? What happens when one infant lands under the Christmas tree in a mansion and the other bounces like a skipped stone on a quiet pond into a state prison? And what happens, after years of competition and constant failure, to finally be handed a victory?

All of the voice talent is pitch perfect in this new animated adventure. Will Ferrell provides just the right amount of wit and wickedness for the large bald blue-headed menace. Brad Pitt, although maybe just a little mature for a superhero in real life, gives Metro Man just what's needed in a city's flying invulnerable protector. Tina Fey continues her film career as Metro Man's constant damsel in distress as Metro City's reporter Roxanne Ritchi, almost unrecognizable in her voice work as her usual snark was tempered just a bit. David Cross plays Megamind's fish out of water side-kick, Minion to great effect, especially as Megamind builds him more and more elaborate cybersuits. And lastly, Jonah Hill plays Roxanne's cameraman with aspirations for greatness and Roxanne's heart.

The movie is funny, adventurous, touching, and visually pleasing. The comic geek in me enjoyed the cityscape battles between good and evil. Meanwhile, the inner child enjoyed Megamind's drones biting him on the arm as he was desperately trying to exude menace with Roxanne as his captive. And the rest of me enjoyed both the witting one-liners and the deeper story of an extraordinary alien with moral dilemmas and the search for purpose and, in fact, love.

"Megamind" is a little "The Incredibles" and a little "Despicable Me". It is not a better amalgam of those films, but it does try its best to deliver. This is an animated film that has a good story both kids and parents can enjoy, plenty of heart, and cuteness to boot. At the end of the day, that is all you can really expect.

Worth: Matinee and DVD

I am also trying out a new rating system shown below based on reader reaction to my somewhat complex monetary rating scale. I will give both ratings and see what kind of reaction I muster. A movie can receive up to 5 popcorn buckets. Why popcorn buckets? Because I am a slave to the thousand + calorie delight! Enjoy!

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