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Saturday, October 2, 2010

You Again

Bringing Baggage to a Wedding
[Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Odette Yustman, Sigourney Weaver, Victor Garber]

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RANT: As other extra-curricular events have taken precedence over the last few weeks, I have fallen behind in my moviegoing. In a bankrupting attempt to catch up, I have being actually going to movies on Friday nights. Each theater has a different atmosphere on Friday nights than it does for a Saturday matinee, such as how audience members talk out at the silver screen, but every trip is an adventure.

SYNOPSIS: When Marni finds out that her older brother is going to marry the girl who bullied and terrorized her during high school, Marni sets out to expose her for the liar she is.

Andy Fickman, known for Disney's "Race To Witch Mountain", directs Christen Bell in a story written by Moe Jelline. Touting some serious star female star power with Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Kristin Chenoweth and rising viral Twitter and Facebook icon, Betty White. Victor Garber, Jimmy Wolk and Kyle Bornheimer balance the acting scales with some notoriety of their own.

Marni was a bookwormy, pimply, bang-hair cut teenager in high school, tortured by super popular, super pretty chearleader captain J.J. The opening sequence shows Marni giving an awkward VHS confessional for the 2052 high school time capsule, being lifted up by J.J. and her cool crew to be deposited on the school steps and locked outside, being mooed at because of the initials of her name, and becoming a Youtube phenomenon when J.J. smacks Marni’s head around while in the school mascot Gator costume, causing her to stumble onto the basketball court to ruin the last jumpshot of their team to lose the game.

And even though her big brother, Will, always looks out for Marni, she nevertheless suffers through to graduation and afterward uses that angst to change her look and succeed as a public relations executive. But as soon as she flies home to meet her brother’s fiancee, she finds out that her brother is marrying Joanna – aka J.J., returning to that insecure high schooler. J.J. is now a sweet, affectionate, giving RN nurse, dedicating herself to the brother. Marni’s family love and dote on J.J. – even the dog runs past Marni to be scratched by her. Marni then makes it her mission to expose J.J. for the lying, shallow girl that she must still be. And when J.J.’s aunt Ramona comes to town, Marni’s turn-the-other-cheek mom, Gail, finds that she also has some BFF issues to resolve as well.

“You Again” sets up interesting ways to actually return Marni to the same physicality as she had as a teenager. An ant hill, a jogging trail, and denture gel all play their part. And as the family goes to a rehearsal for wedding party dance lessons, the cattiness and competitiveness between soon-to-be sisters and Marni’s mother and J.J’s aunt offers up a few laughs.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver are excellent as always. At times, they do not seemed to have aged a day. Odette Yustman is picture perfect as the high school beautiful bully, but does not pull off the sincerity of her new-found nature as well as I would have liked. Victor Garber is wonderfully stoic and oblivious as Marni’s father. Jimmy Wolk is a good mix of affection and anger to both his fiancee and sister. J.J.’s ex-boyfriend Tim, played by Kyle Bornheimer, offers up some awkward and funny moments as well. And Grandma Bunny, played by Hollywood’s go to grandma Betty White, is almost as enduring as she was in “The Proposal”.

“You Again” delves into the baggage that we all carry through our lives. There is not a person, guy or girl, that doesn’t have a regret or grudge that has festered over the years stemming from an episode or series of events from our impressionable past. The fact that just seeing the person of our contempt can erase years of self esteem and self worth is a truly human experience just shows that we are sometimes not as well off as the rest of the animal kingdom.

“You Again” has some laughs and some tender moments, although the story is a little far-fetched in spots. And while the movie made me think of the baggage that all Man carries (and all Woman), it also made me think that I should have spent my money on “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” instead.

Worth: Matinee

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