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Friday, August 13, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

I am definitely on Scott's side!
[Michael Cena, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick]

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RANT: My apologies, dear reader, for the sporadic nature of my movie review blogs. Weekends at Six Flags Great Adventure and entertaining my sister and her family have put me off of my pace. I am slowly crawling out of the hole I have made for myself with getting behind on my movie viewing. I will try to be more considerate to my readers in the future!

SYNOPSIS: Scott Pilgrim is suddenly and violently drawn to Ramona Flowers, a girl trying to escape her past. As Scott grows closer to Ramona, he is confronted by seven of Ramona's evil exes. He must defeat each one in order to win Ramona's hand and heart.

What do you get when you cross "Tron", "Speed Racer", "Game of Death", Rumble in the Bronx" and "Juno"? Apparently writer and director Edgar Wright knows... and I believe that he has brought it to the silver screen as "Scoot Pilgrim vs. the World". Adapted from the Oni Press graphic novels of the same name by Brian Lee O'Malley, Wright captures the spirit and soul of the inked panel.

Many directors have tried, and failed, to adapt comic books onto the screen where they keep the comic panel concept - most notably Ang Lee's "Hulk". Some have succeeded, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez for "Sin City", and now Edgar Wright with "Scott Pilgrim vs...". Famous for cult favorites "Shaun of the Dead", "Hot Fuzz" and a chapter of "Grindhouse", Wright is perfectly comfortable and capable penning and directing another film to add to the collection.

Michael Cena seems perfect as Scott Pilgrim, a depressed early twenty-something guy broken hearted for a year after the seemingly perfect girl moved away and started sleeping with her new bass player (and sign with a record label). Now dating a 17 year old high schooler, Pilgrim is soon drawn to the mysterious Ramona Flowers, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Scott is surrounded by his bandmates Stephen Stills (Mark Webber) and former girlfriend Kim Pine (Alison Pill), his gay roommate Wallace Wells (Kieran Culkin), and soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend Knives Chau (Ellen Wong). The band, Sex Bob-omb, is reminiscent of the 5, 6, 7, 8s from "Kill Bill Vol. 1", just trying to kick ass and play music. Roommate Wallace adds wit and wisdom, dishing out double standard advice for Scott's love life.

The entire film is one big video game with a heart, from the Universal Studios logo and music on. The on-screen captioning is comedic. There is even a "Pee Bar" that empties as Scott relieves himself. The ring of a door bell or phone brings up the sound in visual format. Kisses of passion flutter around as heart butterflies. Every punch is accented with a KRPOW or TWACK!. In order to win Ramona's heart, Scott defeat each of her seven evil exes. Each member of the League of Evil Exes has their own talent, and Scott must use all of his skills in defeating them. Brandon Routh and Chris Evan appear as evil exes #2 and #3, respectively, upping their clout in the comic to movie genre and probably cementing them as comic-com staples for a lifetime. Mae Whitman from NBC's "Parenthood" shows up as bi-furious ex #4, Roxy, and Jason Schwartzman caps off the list as unlucky ex #7, Gideon, who has a hold on both Ramona and the future of Sex Bob-omb career with a record label. From a vegan lifestyle that produces telekinesis, to mystic indian fireballs, to giant battle hammers, each "versus" battle is epic.

This film is perfect for the comic movie lover, but it is also a film with a message about how we treat those we love and those we used to love. It's a coming-of-age love story, wrapped up in the garb of the next generation's gaming culture.

Worth: Matinee and DVD

I am also trying out a new rating system shown below based on reader reaction to my somewhat complex monetary rating scale. I will give both ratings and see what kind of reaction I muster. A movie can receive up to 5 popcorn buckets. Why popcorn buckets? Because I am a slave to the thousand + calorie delight! Enjoy!

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