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Sunday, February 7, 2010

From Paris With Love

He's A Mean Mother... Just Talking About Charlie Wax!
[John Travolta, Jonathan Rhys Meyers]

The reign of "Avatar" is over! Of course, it keeps breaking box office records every week. But it finally dropped to number #2 at the weekend box office, tripped up by "Dear John". All the young ladies were lining up to see Nicolas Spark's new adaptation.

SYNOPSIS:  A young employee in the employ of the US Ambassador in Paris is paired with an unorthodox American spy to uncover a terrorist plot in the "City of Lights".

John Travolta comes back to the screen with guns blazing... literally. Based on a story from "Transporter" writer Luc Besson and "Taken" director Pierre Morel, both bring their signature styles to "From Paris With Love".  Fast paced story and even faster car chases and gun fights, "From Paris..." is an actioner fan's perfect film. Terrorism, drug cartels, city chases, political intrigue, guns and ammo, snarky self-assured assassins, unsure promotion-obsessed government employees - the perfect mix! 

John Travolta has played this type of character before, both heroic and menacing, but this time his portrayal is different. He is physically more imposing, more sarcastic. And this film thankfully left out any storyline that included an opportunity for Travolta to break into dance. Jonathan Rhys Meyer takes a break from HBO to play James Reese, an ambassador assistant with aspirations of field work in the CIA. He is sure of his talents until someone with talent, Charlie Wax, arrives in Paris. As with any good buddy films, their character differences equates into great onscreen chemistry.

The story moves along at an even clip, from start to finish. Even the quiet moments work to move the story along, mainly because of James and Charlie, and mainly because the quiet moments are not all that quiet. All in all, this is a ride you can sit back and enjoy!

Worth: Matinee or DVD

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