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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Disney's The Princess and the Frog

Flavor of Orleans
[Anika Noni Rose, Bruno Campos, Keith David]

SYNOPSIS The classic frog prince fairy tale is given a modern twist set in Jazz Age-era New Orleans.

I almost didn't make the movies this rainy Sunday morning. Well, that is an exaggeration. I should say I almost missed the trailers - which, in a way, is missing the movies. I had to jump the rail to get a nice center seat and to avoid having to scoot pass the already sitting parents and their kids.

Disney brings their craft to the screen again with their latest adaptation of a classic tale. Most decidedly two dimensional, Disney uses it vast talent to remind us that depth is not a only defined by computer wizardry and CGI.  I could not figure out why I was a little disappointed in the look of the film as the movie started, but I realized that I have just become spoiled with high end Pixar and Dreamworks animations. Once I got over myself, I enjoyed the tremendous craftsmanship that Disney put into "...Frog". But the cinematography is only part of the story.

Story is the other part. Modernizing the frog prince tale to a early twentieth century New Orleans locale allows not only for the telling of Prince Naveen as the charismatic, but arrogant prince turned into a frog by a local greedy voodoo man who can only be turned human again by the kiss of a princess, but also allows for the city, bayou, citizens and wildlife to be its own story to be told. 

Funny, sassy, thoughtful with a pinch of  sadness, this movie is another movie to add to the grand canon of Disney cartoons.

Worth: Matinee or DVD

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