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Saturday, December 5, 2009


No Honor Among Thieves... Even If They Are Guards!
[Columbus Short, Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne]

SYNOPSIS An armored truck guard,  facing the possibility of losing his house and guardianship of his brother,  reluctantly  falls in with his colleagues as part of a heist to steal $42 million from their own company.

Still on the lookup for an actioner in the heart of the last minute Oscar drama nominee season, I turned to Nimrod Antal's "Armored" in the hopes of some popcorn-worthy thrills and spills.  And I can say that I was not disappointed. 

The movie trailer did not give away the depth of the story. I was pleasantly surprised that there was more to the film than guns and armored truck chases. That is not to say that "Armored" is as intricate as Mark Wahlberg's "The Italian Job" or as charged as Keanu Reeves "Point Break", but it does tell a decent tale of desperation, greed and consequences of decisions made.

The cast is comprised of a surprising mix of movie and television actors, some switching between projects in both medium frequently. Matt Dillon, Jean Reno, Columbus Short, "CSIs" Laurence Fishburne, "Jericho's" Skeet Ulrich, "Heroes" Milo Ventimiglia, and "Prison Break's" Amaury Nolasco make a strong ensemble. They could take part in a myriad of movie plot ensembles, from war pictures to... you guessed it... armored guard heist films. 

Don't look for deep meaning or blockbuster CGI magic and pyrotechnics in "Armored". Instead, enjoy a worthwhile story that keeps you wondering what will happen next.

Worth: Matinee and DVD

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