Homefront movie
7.25 out of 10
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie
8.75 out of 10
Disney's Frozen movie
10.0 out of 10
Delivery Man movie
6.75 out of 10
8.25 out of 10

Monday, October 5, 2009


[Ben Foster, Dennis Quaid]

The offspring of Alien and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (and Memento), this movie seems like a straightforward "alien attack on helpless space voyagers" movie, but uses lost memory, great use of sparce flashbacks, and cool alien ambushes to weave a better telling than expected. Nothing is what it seems, or is it? I was intrigued until the very end, thinking I had the plot figured out, then having what I knew to be true to be wrong. Great script and storytelling for any sci-fi fan.

Worth: Matinee + DVD purchase

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